We should go and get that.

Peter Elliott on learning that the former VH-EBA was still extant.

You go and do the flight plan and I'll gas it up.

Tom Coe to Warwick Tainton after their first inspection of the former VH-EBA at Southend.

I think there's something seriously wrong, Pete.

Ken Cannane, after the 16th wet start on #2.


I've been watching you lot the last few months. You come back from a day at work and sit here talking about aeroplanes most of the night. You're like one great big family and I've never seen anything like it before.

Dave Wallace, a regular patron at the bar in the Erlsmere Hotel in Southend.


Good luck guys. Start you bas ....

Message to the morning shift from the Turbine Motor Works crew after an all-nighter on #2.


It's a dead duck.

Anonymous on the proposal to fly the aeroplane back to Australia.


Dead duck my ar ..

The entire team.


You will never fly that aeroplane again.



Someone said we would never do it.

Peter Elliott having just done it.


This aeroplane has just done eight sectors without an unserviceability.
You haven't got an aeroplane that can do that.

Anonymous to Anonymous on the day VH-XBA arrived in Sydney.


It looked ok from where I was sitting.

Roger Walter (left hand seat) on the missed approaches at Longreach on 7 April.