V-Jet is a marketing name which was introduced by Qantas soon after the introduction of the Boeing 707-138B with turbofan engines.

The "V" stands for the Latin word "vannus" which translates literally as "winnowing basket" or more loosely, "a device for blowing the grain" or "a fan". Hence V-Jet denotes Fan Jet.

The first Qantas 707 to be built with turbofan engines was VH-EBH which was delivered to Sydney on 6 August 1961 wearing a modified version of the original 707 livery. Aircraft VH-EBI, VH-EBJ and VH-EBK were also delivered in this interim livery.

Aircraft VH-EBL and VH-EBM were delivered in the V-Jet livery. Progressively, aircraft VH-EBA to VH-EBG were retrofitted with turbofan engines and repainted in the V-Jet livery.

The first Qantas drawing (Number SY-A1651) of the V-Jet livery was dated 31 July 1961. Subsequently, the word QANTAS was incorporated into the V-Jet design with a drawing amendment dated 15 July 1964.


The Evolution of the Qantas 707 Tail

ORIGINAL 1959 - 1961

The original tail markings as carried by VH-EBA to VH-EBG inclusive.

INTERIM 1959 - 1961

The interim tail markings as carried by VH-EBH, VH-EBI, VH-EBJ and VH-EBK.


The 40th Anniversary tail markings as carried by several aircraft in 1960.

V-JET 1961 -1964

The first V-Jet livery which was introduced in July 1961. VH-EBL and VH-EBM were delivered in this livery which was applied retrospectively to all 707-138B.

V-JET (MOD) 1964 - 1971

The modified V-Jet livery with the incorporation of QANTAS into the V-Jet design. This variation was introduced in July 1964 and applied progressively to all 707-138B. All 707-338Cs were delivered in this livery.

OCHRE 1971 - 1979

The ultimate ochre livery carried by all 707-338Cs remaining in service.
None of the 707-138Bs carried this livery.




Greatly expanded to show all variations in tail markings.
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