Boeing 707-138 VH-EBB at Honolulu during its delivery flight on 30 June 1959. Although it is claimed that the aircraft was renamed City of Canberra for the delivery flight, it carries no name externally and the Coat of Arms is that of Sydney. Similarly there is no name on the right hand side of the aeroplane (see inset) and the Coat of Arms also appears to be that of Sydney. VH-EBB was to be named City of Sydney but as it was the first 707 to be delivered (the intended City of Canberra, VH-EBA, was retained for certification of the Fifth Pod) it must have been deemed politically appropriate for the first delivery to carry the name of the Australian capital. Whether or not VH-EBB carried the name City of Canberra internally is not known but it would appear that time ran out and the grand deception was never fully implemented!

Picture: Qantas Heritage Collection